Saturday, August 27, 2011


Thank you all for your support and help. Calvin and Tubbs have found a home!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

We need a good home!

Two awesome cats in desperate need of a good home. FREE. They will come with all their first shots, and lots of toys, litter boxes, and food. If they are not neutered by the time you want to get them, I will contribute money towards that as well.

If you would like to read more about their stories, please see the post below.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Please Give Us a Home!

Our names are Calvin and Tubbs. We are former feral cats in need of a good home. We were born in the "wild", and spent many months outside fending for ourselves, but we are happily adjusting to life on the inside.

We would like to find a home together. After reading our bios, you might see why we will do best if we can live together. Our foster mom would love to keep us forever, but can't make the financial commitment. Also, she's pretty allergic. But she's willing to keep us until someone wants to take us forever.

We aren't done with all our initial vet visits, but when we are adopted, we will be caught up on our shots, and neutered if possible. We both have herpes (probably, but actually haven't been tested), but we are both FIV free!! (which we think is pretty awesome since we are feral) We also come with: 2 beds, a week's worth of food, food dishes, litter box, cat toys, calming diffuser, scratching pad, and one cat carrier. We are looking for an owner who can be patient with us for the first few months- we're probably going to be a little scared at a new home, but as long as you feed us, we'll come around. We've both had trip to the vet, and can say that we are excellent patients, and won't scratch your eyes out.

Check out some of our photos and videos, and then read our individual bios below. If you are interested in adopting us, please email


I got my nickname because I am such a sucker for food, it made me brave and not scared of humans. From early on, when the people came out of the
house, I was the only one not to run away. I liked how they dangled string and gave me things with catnip to play with. Those people seemed alright.

The foster mom noticed me some time in early November. My litter mates and I were pretty young, and she guessed we were about a month old. When I was born, I had two older siblings from my mother's previous relationship with a black cat. I also had two other siblings from my litter (well, there was actually a fourth, but the foster mom doesn't like to talk about what happened there). We were a pretty happy clan of cats. But soon, my older brother ran off. And mom started to ignore us a lot. But my older sister, Kate, took care of us. Then one day in December, a neighbors dog got loose, and killed one of my siblings. It was a really rough few days, and we stayed in hiding for a long time. The foster mom went back east for the holidays, but had the neighbors put out food in case we came out. By the time she got back from her trip, we were all waiting for her on the porch.

January was cold, and the three of us (Kate, my sister- now known as "Crockett"- get it?, and me) snuggled on the new bed on the porch. Big sister Kate was teaching us how to hunt. We often would go to the park across the street and come back with goodies. But then, one day, the neighbor's dog got out again. And this time, Kate was its victim. And Crockett and I were all alone. At this point, I started to be okay with being pet by the foster mom, though Crockett stayed far away... Then one day in April, Crockett didn't come back to the porch. She just disappeared. I hope she was picked up by somebody and given a good home. That's what I like to think.

After Crockett left, I got really lonely. I needed attention and let the foster mom pick me up, and pet me all the time. But, as great as she was, she wasn't as fun as another cat. But my mom had another litter of kittens. And they were fun! So in May, I decided to "cat-nap" one and bring it home to the porch with me. It was probably pretty mean of me to carry my little brother on to the porch, and then leave him, even though he was too small to get off the porch, but I got distracted by "cat" things. Anyway, when the foster mom came home, she picked up the guy and put him back in the general area where she thought the other kittens might be. But after that,
this guy became my sidekick. He followed me everywhere. Kinda nice to have your little brother look up to you like that. And he learned how to climb up and down off the porch. He pretty much left the kitten nest, and hung out with me, even though it was probably about 3 weeks to early for him to do so. But the foster mom gave him some milk and softened his food for him. He's a good playmate. Sometimes I beat up on him a bit, cause I'm bigger. But I think he likes it. I try to teach him what I know, like, if you meow a lot and purr, the foster lady will give you food, or at least pet you. Now that we are inside, I'm also teaching him how to use a litter box, which is kind of challenging, but I think he's getting it. (NOTE FROM THE FOSTER MOM- this is not made up, when Calvin doesn't cover his litter box stuff, Tubbs takes him back over there and shows him how to cover it. It might be the coolest cat thing I've ever seen).

Anyway, I'm a good cat. The vet said I was super calm, and was very impressed that I had spent 10 months on the outside, but was so good around people. I like people, though sometimes I like hiding too. I like being pet, and will tolerate being picked up. I like cat nip. A lot. I also like the kitchen counters a lot. Right now, I'm still not neutered, so sometimes I like to hang by the
window and meow at all the foxy ladies walking by. But it doesn't last long. I just sometimes get sad about being indoors, though I know its for the best. I'm also an excellent bug catcher. Flies, roaches, even wasps, are no match for me. Imagine your place bug free! I would love to find a forever home for me and my little bro. Check out a few of my pictures below (including a few when I was a baby!)


I'm Calvin. I was probably born sometime in late March or early April, so I'm still pretty young. I was catnapped by my big brother, Tubbs, as he told you above. I'm pretty attached to him. Since I was taken so young, sometimes I still try to nurse on him. Yes, I've been told he doesn't have the right parts for this, but doing it makes me feel comfortable. As I've gotten older, I don't do it as much, which is nice, and more normal. But I still need to be near Tubbs a lot. Where ever he is, I'll find him, and snuggle. It's not a real rest unless he is around. Once he got scared and hid behind the washing machine. It took me a while to find him, but once I did, I sat with him for 24 hours, until he came out for some food. I like to be near him.

I got my name because I'm orange. At first the foster mom was going to name me "Crockett 2", but I think she was still a little sad about the first one disappearing. So, she was going to name me "Hobbes", after one of her favorite comic strips. But then she thought "Tubbs and Hobbes" didn't flow right. Also, she felt like Tubbs was more of the "Hobbes" type of personality. So, she named me Calvin. I'm not entirely sure about people. The foster mom is ok, but a lot of other people scare me a little. But there are a lot of things that calm me down. I like the kitty diffuser the foster mom bought, and I really like Brian Eno. The music makes me purr. My favorite song seems to be 1/1. I like to be pet, but I still get skittish when a hand comes near my face. But if you pick me up, I will happily stay in your arms for some time while you pet me. That's where I feel comfy.

I think the TV is cool. But I'm smart enough not to chew on wires. I like the bathroom too. The bathroom sink (and lying in it) is my favorite. I'm still learning all this "litter box" thing, but in the past few days, I've done really well. I probably need a little more patience because I'm a lot more skittish than my big brother, but as long as he's around, I feel brave. I'm a pretty curious cat. I'm pretty active though- I need lots of toys. I like paper bags, and toys that move, like balls, or the crazy mechanical mouse, and I like crawling into things like baskets and open cupboards. I like the inside better than the outside, and I would really like a corner to cuddle in for a long time to come. Check out some of my pictures here:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011